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With an innovative concept of combining high translucency and strength, the best features of the well-known KATANA™ series have been integrated into one disc: KATANA™ Zirconia YML. Whether for highly esthetic anterior restorations requiring high translucency or long-span bridges
necessitating high strength, this single disc meets all your needs. This technical guide elucidates key aspects aiding in the achievement of the most aesthetic restorations with KATANA™ Zirconia YML.



Airzir represents Aidite's most advanced R&D and production effort, integrating several patented technologies into one disc while meeting a full range of indications. It features larger systematic processing, a wider sintering temperature range, and an enhanced stable three-dimensional gradient effect. Airzir will uphold the vision of making people healthier and more beautiful and redefine all-ceramic prosthetic materials.

World Z

Aconia ST 3D Multilayer, as a new addition to the Aconia 3DML family, perfectly integrates strength and aesthetics. With a seamless gradient shade and translucency ranging from 42% to 45%, it meets common aesthetic requirements. Additionally, the seamless gradient strength from 1000 MPa to 1200 MPa ensures greater stability for full contour bridges.


PuRE PMMA Discs are polymethyl
methacrylate blanks utilized for milling dental long-term temporary crowns and bridges in various CAD/CAM systems until permanent restorations can be provided. For over 40 years, customers have relied on us for our high-quality teeth. Our new PuRE PMMA Discs are crafted with the same material, ensuring consistent strength and quality for our customers.