Welcome to World Milling Center

About Us


WORLD MILLING CENTER is a subdivision of WORLD LAB USA, operating out of Irvine, CA and Plano, TX. We serve both dental offices and dental labs, and hope to become the one-stop shop for all of your digital dental needs. Our primary focus is on providing an easy-to-use platform that can save you both time and money, thus helping your business grow.

It's simple to outsource your digital restorations to WORLD MILLING CENTER Just submit your cases using traditional model work or upload STL files. You can select either finished or unfinished restorations based on your preference.




Established in 2001, WORLD LAB USA has been providing dental clients with high-quality restorations for over two decades. As such, our lab has built a reputation for its precision, consistency, and quality when it comes to our dental restorations, garnering much acclaim among the dental community.

With our experience in the dental industry, we understand that chair time is a critical component for a successful dental practice. Therefore, our mission is to help you to add value to your practice. Now, WORLD LAB USA is proud to introduce our newest endeavor, WORLD MILLING CENTER, the one-stop shop for all your digital dental needs! Our offerings through World Milling Center are not only high-quality products made available at a highly competitive price point, but have short turnaround times that are sure to meet your needs.


    Our Commitment


    At WORLD MILLING CENTER, we're committed to:

    • Quick Turnaround: Benefit from our industry-leading turnaround time, ensuring you receive your dental products promptly.
    • Digital Focus: Embrace the future of dentistry with our strong emphasis on digital processes, including the use of intra-oral scanners and 3D printed dentures.
    • Communication: Whether you have questions about our services, or need help with a specific case, our team is always willing to help!